Release date:October 12, 2007

Studio:Jungnrestless Films

Director:Bobby Roth

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Nick Roth, Henry Winkler, Laura Jordan, Sarah Carter, Bonnie Bedelia, Tom Morello


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Plot Summary:

Social activism came of age in the 1960s. So did Ben Sweet. Just as sex, drugs, rock & roll, hippies and Vietnam enters our consciousness, so it does for Ben Sweet (Nick Roth). A conservative, well-brought-up 18-year-old middle class, shy, white boy who enters UC Berkeley in 1968 to study accounting and avoid the draft, Ben gets thrown smack in the middle of a home grown revolution…and a whole new world. Ben arrives on the charged Berkeley campus naïve about the politics of the world. Through his music and writing, a combination of Hendrix and Clapton, he is slapped with a politically based, knowledge driven and sexually laced awakening, ultimately finding himself. With an ever-increasing defiance, he joins his fellow students in calling for change in both social equality and the war through rallies, protests and song. This new culture of opposition spreads like wild fire. Nowhere is this political movement as alive and well as on college campuses across the United States and no college campus embodies the political movement and spirit of the counter-culture as at Berkeley.