Release date:TBD

Studio:Universal Pictures

Director:Harald Zwart

MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Family

Plot Summary:

"Bakugan" is a Japanese anime show airing on the Cartoon Network as well as a strategic game that uses metal cards and magnetic, spring-loaded miniature figures that transform from marblelike balls into toy monsters. The show's storyline revolves around creatures called Bakugan and the young human battle brawlers who wield them. The creatures have such names as Pyrus Drago, Haos Tigrerra, Ventus Skyress, Subterra Gorem and Darkus Hydranoid that inform their character and power; they are involved in a battle in a parallel dimension called Vestroia that spills into ours. "Bakugan" airs six days a week on Cartoon as one of its top shows.