Backstabbing for Beginners

Release date:TBD


Director:Per Fly

MPAA Rating:R (for language throughout, and some violence)


Starring:Ben Kingsley, Theo James


Plot Summary:

Sir Ben Kingsley and Theo James are set to star in the political thriller "Backstabbing for Beginners." Inspired by Michael Soussan’s critically-acclaimed memoir, “Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy,” the film tells the story of Michael (James), a young idealist who lands his dream job as a program coordinator for the U.N.’s Oil for Food program. He is thrown into an already fraught post-war Iraq where government agents and power-hungry countries are circling Iraq’s oil reserves like sharks. He seeks answers from the one person he thinks he can trust, Pasha (Kingsley), his boss, a seasoned diplomat. The more Michael learns, however, the more he suspects a conspiracy at the highest level. The only way out will be to expose it all — risking his own life, his mentor’s career, and the life of the Kurdish woman he loves.