Archaeology of a Woman

Release date:September 12, 2014


Director:Sharon Greytak

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Sally Kirkland, Victoria Clark, James Murtaugh, Karl Geary


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Plot Summary:

Margaret (Sally Kirkland), a feisty, tormented former newspaper columnist, fights to protect her freedom in spite of the dementia she cannot control. After an episode in a shopping plaza parking lot where she is unable to find her car and is driven home by the police, her daughter Kate (Victoria Clark), an aspiring New York City chef, is beckoned upstate to her mother’s aide. While there, Kate develops a romantic tryst with a rookie officer (Karl Geary) as she deals with her mother’s demands. Kate attempts to get Margaret involved with activities at the senior center, but Margaret is apprehensive and resentful. Soon, a man from Margaret’s past, Sergeant Calder (James Murtaugh), re-enters her life, causing Margaret to fear she will no longer be able to protect herself. Before returning to New York, Kate installs a small surveillance camera to monitor her mom at home revealing a far more private life of fear, lust and longing and her connection to a 30-year-old crime. Through its disconcerting narrative structure, "Archaeology of a Woman" tells a visceral tale of the unsettled lives of two very different generations of women – one whose secret is buried deep inside her memories, and the other who seeks to dig up the truth.