Alien Nation

Release date:TBD

Studio:20th Century Fox

Director:Jeff Nichols

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,


Genre:Action, Sci-Fi, Crime

Plot Summary:

A new big screen reboot of "Alien Nation" is on the way and will be based on the 1988 feature.

The original film, directed by Graham Baker, took place in a near future Los Angeles, shortly after a race of humanoid extraterrestrials, known as Newcomers, took refuge on Earth. An allegory for racial prejudice, the narrative followed a pair of police officers, human Matthew Sykes (James Caan) and Newcomer George Francisco (Mandy Patinkin). The film was followed by a single season, 22-episode television spinoff with Gary Graham and Eric Pierpoint playing Sikes and Francisco, respectively. The show’s popularity was such that, even after being cancelled, “Alien Nation” continued through a series of telefilms. Five different movies were aired between 1994 and 1997.

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