7 Days

Release date:December 2, 2005

Studio:Moliere Films

Director:Fernando Kalife

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Eduardo Arroyuelo, Jamie Cahill, Sofia Vergara, Martha Higareda, Julio Bracho, Lumi Cavazos

Genre:Drama, Thriller, Crime

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Plot Summary:

Claudio Caballero is a young guy with a stalled dream. Frustrated by years of trying make it big as a local Monterrey concert promoter - and plagued by memories of the nascent success of his late brother, Claudio places a bet in a clandestine casino in a desperate and crazy attempt to win enough money to bring the world's biggest act to town: U2. After losing the bet, Claudio is granted seven days to make the concert happen -- with the unexpected help of the Mafia boss's likeable but thuggish son Tony -- or face the wrath of the mafia.