50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

Release date:June 2, 2006

Studio:Olive Films

Director:Stewart Main

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Andrew Paterson, Harriet Beattie, Jay Collins, Michael Dorman, Georgia McNeil, Rime Te Wiata, Michelle O'Brien, Ross McKellar, Stephanie McKellar


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Plot Summary:

Set in the long hot summer of 1975, "50 Ways of Saying Fabulous" is the beguiling story of 12 year-old Billy, who is about to discover that growing up is a lot more confusing than he could have ever imagined. He is a farmer's only son who is out of step with the other boys at his school. They only want to fight and play rugby; Billy tries to be the same, but feels he was never cut out to be a farmer or a rugby player. Instead, he would rather dream about an imaginary life in outer space. In this world, a turnip paddock becomes a lunar landscape and a cow's tail a head of beautiful blonde hair which transforms him into "Lana" the heroine of his favourite TV show. When Roy, arrives at Billy's school and Jamie the sexy young farm labourer comes to work on Billy's farm Billy’s world is changed forever. As he learns about his sexuality, everything he knows is called into question, including his lifelong friend-ship with tomboy Louise, whose world is changing alongside his. Set in New Zealand's stunning Central Otago landscape, "50 Ways of Saying Fabulous" carries the audience along with Billy as he embarks on life as teenager.