11 Flowers

Release date: February 22, 2013

Studio: First Run Features

Director: Wang Xiaoshuai

MPAA Rating: N/A


Starring: Wang Jinchun, Wenqing Liu, Jinchun Wang

Genre: Drama

Duration: N/A

Copyright Holder: N/A

Copyright: N/A

Plot Summary:

One of China's foremost Sixth Generation directors, Wang Xiaoshuai ("Beijing Bicycle," "In Love We Trust") tells a striking, autobiographical coming-of-age tale set in the final days of China's Cultural Revolution in his new film "11 Flowers." Eleven-year-old Wang Han lives with his family in a remote village in Guizhou province. Life is tough, but they make the most of what little they have. When Wang is selected to lead his school through their daily gymnastic regiment, his teacher recommends that he wear a clean, new shirt in honor of this important position – a request that forces his family to make a great sacrifice. But one afternoon, soon after Wang is given the precious shirt, he encounters a desperate, wounded man, who takes it from him. The man is on the run, wanted by the authorities for murder. In no time the fates of Wang and the fugitive are intertwined. Beautifully performed by a troupe of child actors, and vividly creating a sense of time and place, "11 Flowers" is a delicate and moving film about growing up in a time of great upheaval.

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