Due to his Star Trek 3 schedule

Directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou

A mother and two daughters must survive a psychopath

The latest on Episode VII, the spin-offs, Rebels and more!

The hit series returns to FX January 2015

The sequel to 2012's male stripper hit lands in theaters July 1, 2015

Following the teenage children of popular fairy tale characters

"Hello, Amy," says the latest video for the October 3 release

LAIKA's stop-motion feature hits theaters October 7

Both looking for new release dates sometime in the new year

The new DC Comics series premieres October 7

Season five premieres on AMC Sunday, October 12

The Batman-inspired series premieres next Monday, September 22

Plus a clip from the season premiere, airing September 23 on ABC

Skydance Productions is developing the story of one man's fight against ivory poachers

DC Comics supervillains-turned-heroes team heads to the big screen

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The Interview

The Interview

New Red Band trailer for the comedy, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen

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