Toronto! TIFF Bell Lightbox Announces Zulawski and De Palma Retrospectives


Toronto film epicenter to unleash jam-packed Zulawski and De Palma retrospective series.

Alright, Toronto, Get ready to spend those warm summer nights inside, because the TIFF Bell Lightbox’s summer line up is far too good. Alongside special one-off screenings of Jodorowsky’s El Topo (June 11 at 10:15 PM), Kurosawa’s revenge drama The Bad Sleep Well (June 28 at 8:45 PM), Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn (August 26 at 9:00 PM) and several more worthy hot tickets for fans of genre and the bizarre, they have announced career retrospectives for the recently departed master of art-house terror Andrzej Zu?awkski, and the neon coloured murder maven Brian De Palma.

Mad Love: Andrzej Zu?awski’s Cinema Hysteria begins June 25 with a screening of his perhaps best known film Possession, and runs until August 6 with the closing night screening of his final film, the comedy Cosmos. We lost the Polish auteur this past February, adding to the long list of dearly departed artists that 2016 continues to take from us, making this retrospective a perfect time to reflect on his genuinely terrifying set of works.

Split/Screen: The Cinema of Brian De Palma begins June 18 with the anti-Vietnam film Casualties of War starring Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox, who as De Palma discussed in the recent documentary De Palma (which we loved by the way) actually had a deep and dark resentment for each other, bringing a whole new layer to their performance on the big screen. His well known flicks Dressed to Kill, Sisters, Phantom of the Paradise, Scarface, Carrie (and several others) are making an appearance to the big screen over the course of the retrospective, but it is also touching on his lesser seen works such as Greetings, Hi, Mom! and Murder a la Mod.

TIFF’s sumptuous summer series is leaving us chomping at the bit for June to get here, but maybe we should all try and get outside and see the sun while we still can, because once this starts it’s only going to be the light of the big screen we’re soaking in.