Watch Kellie Madison’s Ballistic Dark Action Short THE GATE Now


Female filmmaker releases gritty “proof of concept” film THE GATE.

Hot off her most recent sci-fi/horror feature film THE TANK, director Kellie Madison has just released a short film to serve as a ‘proof of concept’ for an intended dark action feature called THE GATE. The movie stars Amy Johnson (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDER) and Cecep Arif Rahman (THE RAID 2).
From the press release:
THE GATE reveals a violent battle between a martial arts master turned superhero and her equally matched rival over the pathway to ultimate power known as The Gate.  The goal for the short, much like the planned feature, is to unite a kickass American female lead with the amazing Indonesian martial artists who specialize in Pencak Silat (the same fighting style seen in THE RAID movies), entertaining both American and international audiences alike.  Madison is looking for the right producer/financier, possibly even an Indonesian co-production, to bring her vision to the screen. 
No word as to when or if the feature will be made, but watch the proof of concept film now, below: