TV Recap: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, Season Two, Episode 5, ‘Captive’



Karma was in control of last night’s episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD

Patsy Cline’s I Fall to Pieces plays over the radio while Connor is cooking a steak inspired dish for a confused Alicia. If this is how they treat all their captured guests; sign me up. Skiing plays on a TV in the background and Alicia is investigating everything she can with her eyes as she sits waiting for Connor to finish cooking. Connor brings over the meal to her and explains it’s an Omaha Steak and brags about how good of a cook he is. He tells Alicia that he makes sure all of his people get a hot meal every night. Connor wants to get to know Alicia more and joins her. He pours himself a glass of bourbon and Alicia continues to grill him about her family and where Travis is. Connor explains that they feel she’s a good fit for their group and that they can’t just bring anyone to join. Jack told them she’d be a good addition to the group and sensed they could use her when they contact other boats.

The power goes out and Connor gets up and says it goes out at bad times and to stay put and he goes to check it out. Alicia tries a piece of the steak and is impressed she goes to eat more but the pregnant girl; Vida takes her food from her and goes outside and locks Alicia inside. Alicia doesn’t like that she was locked in and goes around trying to find a door that’s not locked. Alicia finally finds a door that leads to the upper deck of the boat and realizes they are in a shipyard on a tuna boat that’s docked. Jack tells her she shouldn’t be there and makes her go back downstairs. Jack’s surprised Connor made her a steak and apologizes for not being there with her and then the power comes back on. Alicia wants to go find her family and get off this boat.

Back on the Abigail; Daniel is cleaning up Reed’s wounds. Reed says to leave him and he’ll clean up when he goes back home but Daniel lets Reed know he may not being going home. Reed continues to mess with Chris and teases him about his dad and asks if he likes his dad. Reed tells him he had a bad father and explains to Chris what happens when you clip an Achilles heel. His brother Connor did that to his father the last time he put his hands on Reed. Connor protects his little brother and Reed threatens them with that to ensure his safety. He lets Daniel know that he will be coming to look for him and that he has over a dozen men and 5 boats. Reed says his brother is the nice one and when he is free he is going to take his daughter apart. Daniel looks Reed in the eyes and says, “In my time I’ve known men who inspire fear. Do you know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are.”

Daniel knows Reed is scared and is saying whatever he can to save himself and Chris just wants to be able to help so Daniel allows Chris to watch outside the door; so no one can get in or out. He feels guilty for letting them on the boat to begin with and wants to do whatever he can do make it right. Daniel tells Chris not to engage with Reed and not to wander off either.

Ofelia comes down to check on her father and to make sure he didn’t do anything bad to Reed to get information. She still has a hard time trusting her dad and she’s still learning and understanding the new way of surviving and living. Ofelia doesn’t think Chris should be watching over Reed but Daniel thinks it’ll be good for him and it’ll give him something to do.


Strand is resting and looking a lot better since we saw him last.

Daniel goes up to report to Madison and he fills her in on the new information he learned from Reed. He tells her that Reed is the brother of the leader; Connor and that they can use him for leverage. He tells her that Connor has over a dozen men and five boats in his group and to look for clusters of five boats. Madison sees a potential spot to look and changes course and heads towards the coast to search for her daughter and Travis.

Luis doesn’t like this plan at all and wants to stick to his and Strand’s plan but Madison doesn’t care what he thinks or says. Luis keeps saying they won’t get their people back but Madison doesn’t agree. If they are going to use force she wants everyone helping but doesn’t think the kids are ready where Daniel thinks they are. Luis doesn’t understand how Strand is going to get everyone across since they charge per head and only brought enough cash for himself and Strand. Strand seems very confident regardless and will do what must be done to help everyone get across. He tells Madison she has half a day and now they are even since she saved his life and he’s letting her look for her family.

Jack is explaining to Alicia what boats they look for and go after and why they choose to. He tells her they go for the mid ranged vessels, long ranges and usually lots of supplies. He tells her once Connor gives the green light, they can make contact with the boat and try to get them to tell them information about themselves. Connor thinks Alicia will be perfect to radio people to wheel them in and trick them but she doesn’t want any part of it. She would rather do something else and doesn’t feel comfortable lying to people. Alicia wants to know how they pick and choose but jack says it’s up to Connor and sometimes they live and sometimes they kill them and that’s just how it goes now. Alicia thinks the world has always been this way and that they tried to convince themselves they’d be safe but no one ever was truly safe.

Travis is caged below deck and is angry he was separated from Alicia. He finds a book and in the spine is a pin and he uses that to try to pick the lock on the door. He hears someone approaching and stops and who walks in surprises him. Alex walks in and stares at him and he is shocked to see her again. Last time he seen Alex was when Strand cut the raft from tailing the boat and said they were too big of a liability. Alex is alive! But it seems she has a bone to pick with Travis and wants answers or perhaps blood.

Alex explains in detail to Travis what happened to her and Jake after Strand cut them loose. They were left floating and Jake would become really hot like he was on fire and then cold the next moment. He became very thirsty but they ran out of water and he moaned till he lost his voice. He could barely speak and he whispered to Alex not to let him drown so she strangled him and killed him that way and pushed him out of the raft. Connor found Alex when she was close to death and he asked her if she had anything to offer them. That’s when Alex told them about the Abigail and it would be good for them to go after them for supplies. Alex wants revenge and that’s why she asked for Travis.

Strand is starting to gain his strength back and Madison wants him better so he can get back to driving the boat again. She doesn’t like that he got Nick to go run his errands. She’s worried for Nick and said he could have died getting his friend, Strand tells her that Nick wanted to do it and that he’s really smart and good at following instructions. Strand knows Nick is capable of many things and has great potential. He knew Nicks potential right away, 5 minutes after meeting him. She tells Strand not to get between her and her son.

Jack is still teaching Alicia how to know which boats to go after and which ones to make contact with. He sees that the Abigail is on its way back and it shouldn’t be already, it’s too early to be back. Alicia doesn’t trust Jack and wants to know where her family is. She demands Jack to tell her if he knew this the entire time that it was their plan not to bring them to the coast. Alicia asks Jack what happens on the other boats and what does Connor do with them and he replies it’s not Connor but Reed. She finally knows that Reed has killed people on all the other boats. Alicia freaks out and wants to know the fate of her family and if they are still alive. She wants to go find them and will take one of the boats and go look and Jack wants to go with her and help her. You can see that Jack cares a great deal about Alicia but she doesn’t share the same feelings.


Madison tells Nick not to pull that crap again and that she was scared for him. He explains that he enjoyed doing it and that he was OK and that he was sorry for worrying her. She asks him to promise her to never do it again but he doesn’t say it and she tells him not to get too comfortable with using the gun.

Alicia and Jack make their plan about leaving the boat and to search for her family and she makes Jack radio Connor.

Travis asks Alex what she wants with him and Alicia. She tells him that Alicia will be put to work and that he was the reason why everything happened. Alex blames Travis for what happened between them and that he was the reason why they were in the raft. She says he knew what was going to happen and he just let it happen. Travis had the choice to stop it and help but didn’t make the right decision.

Daniel and Strand are searching for signs of the other boats and they see the cluster of 5 boats Reed mentioned and they know they are in the right area.

Travis tells Alex about his son and how he watches him and wants to see how he’ll handle the violence but he tries hard not to be a part of it. He can’t tell Alex what she wants to hear because he is no better than the man that cut the rope. Travis tries to tell her she did the right thing with Jake and that he had to do a similar thing for Chris’s mom but she doesn’t really care about what Travis has to say. Travis knows what it costs and that he lost a part of him when he did it and he knows he’ll never get it back. Alex knows you don’t get that part of you back. All Alex seems to care about at this point is revenge for Jake and for what happened to her. Travis apologizes for what happened and didn’t want it to happen the way it did. Travis thinks they can be more and they can become different. Travis asks what happens to her and she replies, “Connor said he can use me, people don’t use me.” And she leaves him.

Chris is outside Reed’s door keeping an eye on him. Reed talks to Chris, “How you doing out there sunshine” Chris replies “Better then you. It hurt?” “Nah, just a scratch” Reed responds. Reed tells Chris they are screwed and that Connor has big plans for Alicia. Reed keeps coughing and is progressively getting worse but Reed continues to get Chris going. Reed asks Chris why he doesn’t look like his sister or his mother and suggests Chris is like him, an outsider. Reed tells Chris orphan to orphan that he should be prepared for when the time comes these people will put you down like the stray dog you are.

“Blood’s all that matters now.”

Nick checks on Chris and asks if he’s OK and he can see that Reed is has rattled him. Nick knows something is wrong and keeps on Chris about it. Chris admits he froze and he let them on board and that its his fault. If he pulled the trigger they’d be off to Mexico already. He knows he shouldn’t have let it happen and wants to make up for it. He doesn’t want to freeze again. Nick explains that it was a pregnant lady and that he wouldn’t shoot her either. Nick tells Chris not to let it get to him.

Jack brings Alicia to see Travis to make sure he’s ok. She tells him the plan she has with Jack. She’s worried something bad happened but Travis has confidence they are ok because her mom is tough. He tells her if she has a way out to take it and not to worry about getting him. Travis tells her to take the opportunity if she gets it and he tells her it wasn’t her fault they are in this mess to begin with. He tells her Alex from the raft is here and that she told them all about them. He tells her to go and leave him behind and to worry about her getting out but she’s not going to do that; she’s not going to leave him behind.

Another name for Karma in tonight’s episode is Alex. Clearly.

Madison and Strand are scouting the shipyard looking for any signs of their group or life. Connor’s group radios them thinking Reed is in control of the boat, “Hey assholes. What are you waiting for, a written invitation? Get your ass back here, over. Reed you’re pissing me off. Drop anchor, shut it down. Over.” Madison picks up the radio and let’s Connor know that he can have his brother back when she gets her family back. She insures his brother is safe but the other two were killed because of not following through with their safe passage. Madison denies Connors request to talk to Reed and she tells them they have an hour and they will make a trade. Reed for Travis and Alicia. Connor agrees and Nick says he’ll go and bring Reed for the trade but Madison doesn’t want to risk Nick.

As Nick and Madison are arguing about who should go they hear a gun shot. Chris shot Reed and Ofelia asks Chris what happened and Chris says Reed was going to turn. Chris looks distraught and clearly something happened between Reed and Chris. Reed must have finally said something that got underneath Chris’s skin and pushed him to the limit. He reacted without thinking and he lied and said Reed was turning to get away with the fact he shot him over something he said.

A big chunk of Reed’s face was blown off from Chris’s shot. A bullet ripped through Reed’s cheek; missing his brain all together. Which shows it was done in haste and not with purpose.


Luis sees Reed and says that is that and that they are going south now and that this is done with. Daniel answers that nothing is done. Ofelia lets Madison know what happened and Madison goes to talk to Chris.

Chris tells Madison he was sick and was turning and that’s why he shot him. Chris says he knew that and that’s what happens now, it’s what happens. Madison asks who’s gun is it and he tells her it was Reed’s. Chris can hear them arguing about what they are supposed to do now that Reed is dead and Chris blames himself for messing up the plan. Madison just knows they’ll get Alicia and Travis back no matter what and they’ll figure it out. Chris tells Madison, “You know I had to right. You get that I had to.” Madison comforts Chris and says it’s ok and Chris thanks her for understanding and Madison says it’s over now.

Connors group gets Travis ready to do the trade. Nick and Ofelia clean up the mess Chris made when he shot Reed. Nick is cleaning up the blood and Ofelia says she’s starting to get used to this and Nick says please don’t. The violence and carnage is becoming a constant occurrence and Ofelia is losing her innocents. “It’s what we do now. Spill blood. Clean it up and spill it again.” Ofelia says to Nick and questions if Chris was telling the truth and if Reed was really turning. Out of our group it seems that Nick and Ofelia are the pure souls and they are trying to hold onto their humanity still and Nick doesn’t want her to get used to all the death and killing. Maybe Ofelia is following in her father’s footsteps and Nick refuses to go to the dark side, for now.

Just as Ofelia says it, Reed reanimates and comes back from the dead and groans and blinks his pale eyes at Ofelia. Nick grabs his pocket knife but Daniel stops him and tells them to wait. He pins Reed up against the wall with the crowbar and says he has an idea and that their plan can still work. Ofelia is scared and Nick stands In front of her protecting her from the situation. Daniel tells them not yet.

Daniel cleans Reed up and puts him in a new shirt and they place a bag over his head. In Spanish Daniel hears, “Take the gun Daniel. Take the gun.” Daniel is alarmed and doesn’t know who’s saying it to him, he goes to remove the bag from Reed’s head to see if it was him but Ofelia interrupts and stops him. It couldn’t have been Reed, it didn’t sound like him at all and no one else was in the room with him. Is Daniel hearing voices, is his past coming back to haunt him. Ofelia asks if he’s ok and Daniel says he’s fine and she helps bring walker Reed to the zodiac.

Jack ls looking for Alicia so that they can trade her and Travis for Reed. She’s hiding in one of the cupboards in the kitchen. Madison is getting the Kodiak ready for the trade with Connor and his people and Nick is still trying to convince her to let him go instead of her. He wants to be the one that goes in case something happens and because he is better at driving the boat. He asks her why she won’t let him go and she says it’s because he wants to and she refuses. Madison is freaked out by walker Reed but knows it has to be done in order for their plan to work.

Strand and Nick are watching from the Abigail using binoculars and they can only see Travis and not Alicia. Madison brings walker Reed to Connor and his men.

Alicia is snooping around their boat and Vida, the pregnant girl catches her and says she’s not supposed to be down there. Alicia tells her she was just leaving and Vida tells Alicia that she upset Jack and calls her a heart breaker. Alicia tries to get by Vida by Vida pulls out an extendo club (ones the police use) and tells Alicia she can stay in the cage for now. Alicia puts up a fight and throws Vida in the cage and locks her inside.

Madison has Reed and asks where he daughter is. Connor says she’ll get her once he sees her brother is alright. They exchange Travis and Reed and Madison quickly takes Travis’s bag off his head and inspects him. Connor takes Reed’s bag off of his head and sees that he’s been infected and turned. He tries to push him away but Reed bites a chunk out of his brother’s arm and one of Connors henchman runs at Travis and Madison but Travis head-buts him like a savage knocking him down to the ground. Walker Reed bites the other henchman in the throat and Madison un-clips Travis’s zip ties just in time to fight the other guy once he got back up.

Alicia is back on top of the boat and is trying to get away from Connor and his people. Jack catches up with her and asks what she’s doing and she tells him her family is there to get her. Jack wants to go with her, just them two but she doesn’t want that. Madison sees Alicia on the boat with Jack and calls Travis to go with her to get her. Jack tells her Alex told them what her people done to Alex and that she shouldn’t go back to them because they are bad people. He tells her that they’ll end up abandoning her but she doesn’t care what he has to say her mind is already made up. Madison calls for her and she tells him she’s sorry and she slides down the side of the boat and slides into the water below. She chose her family over Jack and Jack is heartbroken by this but blood is thicker than water.

Now Jack, Alex and Vida are the only ones left from Connors crew. Jack watches Alicia and her family drive away, I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see Jack and his friends.

Has Daniel been hearing voices this entire time or is this something new that just started recently. Could it be PTSD (Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder) or something completely different and how will this affect him going forward.

Turns out it isn’t Alicia’s fault Connor and his people found The Abigail but in fact Alex telling them out of spite and wanting revenge for being abandoned by them. Regardless this will teach Alicia to not be as trusting in the future with new people.

Chris is slowly starting to crack and unravel in this new world. Reed was able to get under his skin even more and finally push him to killing him. He must have said something about his mother that was the final straw, we all know he wasn’t turning just yet and Chris was just using that to cover up what he did.


Madison is emerging as a leader and a good one at that. She knows what has to be done and is willing to do just about anything to do it while protecting her family and her people. Alicia is a lot like her mom, she is also finding her voice and knows to choose family over random people. Our group is adapting and changing as they go. When they learn something or hit a speed bump, they learn and move on from it and keep going. They no longer are letting it slow them down and won’t take no for an answer. Travis seems to be the only one still struggling with changing and doing what must be done to survive. He still is clinging to the past and the old ways of doing things and that may come back to mess with them in the future.

We defiantly know Alex is out for revenge and perhaps Jack will be joining her after having a newly broken heart. Vida would more than likely join in because Alicia did lock her up and they killed off their group.

Strand and Luis are desperate to get to Mexico and are only concerned about if they still have time. Luis only has enough money for him and Strands entry fee but Strand isn’t worried and thinks he can work some sort of plan out. Nothing stands in the way from them and Mexico but it can’t be smooth sailing from here, can it?