Exclusive Video: Director Nico Mastorakis Interviews Himself (!) About THE ZERO BOYS



Arrow Video and SHOCK give you a sneak peek at a special feature from THE ZERO BOYS.

Legendary Greek filmmaker Nico Mastorakis is a man who has led more than one life but it is with his string of darker, horrific movies that our readers know and love – or at least like – him best. Pictures like the shocking ISLAND OF DEATH, the eerie THE WIND and, of course, 1986’s THE ZERO BOYS, which just saw its Blu-ray premiere via Arrow Video earlier this week.

The film stars spunky ‘80s actress Kelli Maroney (NIGHT OF THE COMET) as a girl whose hand is won by a pack of bohunk weekend warrior paint ball champs who, after an opening reel round of phony war, retreat to a cabin in the woods with their girlfriends to party and mess around.

Problem is, the neighboring woods are home to a brood of tech-savvy murderers who proceed to to taunt, torment, stalk and slash them to oblivion.

Amongst the special features on the back end of Arrow’s fully-loaded Blu-ray is one of the strangest supplemental clips you’ll ever see, a specially prepared piece where Mastorakis interviews…himself!

Comically cutting between two different incarnations of the director (noted by the different hats he wears), the video is a surreal, uproarious glimpse into the mind of one of exploitation cinema’s most eccentric artists.

Thank Uncle Arrow for giving SHOCK readers the chance to preview that edifying yet insane interview here, now…

Ready? Here we go!

THE ZERO BOYS is out now. It’s a fun, weird amalgam of RAMBO-esque survivalist action picture and body count slasher. Check it out!