Sweden’s Last Exit Entertainment to Re-Release Extreme Cinema Classic PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE



Grueling exploitation classic PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE coming to European DVD.

Director Andrey Iskanov’s elephantine 256 minute-long (!) extreme cinema classic PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE is one of the most debated and divisive films of its kind. Charting the same story as the equally notorious film MEN BEHIND THE SUN, POAK charts the discover of WWII Japanese POW camp Unit 731where some of the most vile of human experiments and graphic tortures have taken place. Told via a series of interviews and event reconstructions, POAK blurs the lines between fact and fiction, of investigation and exploitation and is a very, very difficult film to endure…

Now, Swedish imprint Last Ext Entertainment have just announced their intent to release a massive 3 disc limited edition set (2 DVD’s and a CD soundtrack) of the 2008 film for the European market, filled with tons of features and previously unseen photos.


Extras include:

*New director introduction

*Never before seen color version excerpts

*New photo gallery with rare, unseen photos

*New essay on POAK by author Magnus Blamdahl

*Making of interview with actress Manousch

*Music videos

*Soundtrack CD


The PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE Limited Edition DVD set will be available on May 23rd from Last Exit Entertainment.