TV Recap: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, Season 2, Episode 3, ‘Ouroboros’



FLIGHT462’s fate is finally revealed and our survivors finally get a taste of walker killing action. Chris may enjoy it a little to much…

In this episode; FLIGHT 462 finally crosses over into FEAR THE WALKING DEAD and we see what happened after the crack in the window gave out on the plane. As the plane headed to LA to emergency land; the plane crashed over the ocean and only few survived the ordeal.

In the aftermath of the crash we quickly see a familiar face and Alex is searching frantically for Jake in the carnage and she finds him but he’s been badly burned in the crash. Others survivors have found the inflatable raft and are collecting survivors but not just any survivor; ones who have not been bit. One of the survivors get pulled into the raft but one of the others see that he’s been bitten and hits him in the head with his paddle, knocking him out of the raft. There was no hesitation, no talking about it and he quickly made the decision. Straight up savage but it’s necessary to keep them alive and safe. They are at least aware that the bite causes people to become one of the infected and it’s to big of a risk to have anyone who will turn.

As they paddle away from the wreckage pieces of plane and bodies are scattered all around; becoming a huge watery grave. Jake’s wounds look pretty bad and Alex is taking care of him and keeping his burns clean. In a way she feels responsible for Jake’s mother not being on the flight since she got the last seat and is taking care of him and protecting him to make up for it. The other survivors are grim about the situation and don’t think he’ll make it and doubt Alex can help him. They are worried he’ll turn into one of the infected and put them all in danger.

It turns to night and everyone is asleep except the guy who has no problem with eliminating threats. He goes to take out Jake with the paddle but Alex is prepared and stabs him instinctively in the chest with a knife and they throw him off the raft. And then there were three. The other survivor is hopeless and is trying to convince Alex to go to shore for shelter and food. He starts to paddle and says he doesn’t want to starve but she stops him an says he would be to weak and wouldn’t make it past the beach. She owes him and won’t let anything happen to him. He tells her that he needs to be put out of his misery because he’s burnt to the bone and is rotting. It’s what’s best for him and she has to do it but she won’t. With all the strength Jake has he says to Alex “it’s OK” he knows he is a burden but she isn’t ready to do it.

Strand is anxious and quickly calls his mystery person but they don’t pick up right away but when they do, he assures them he’s still coming and speaks in code but is then disconnected.

Travis can’t sleep and Madison notices and she asks if he’s “here” (meaning present and not thinking about other things) there’s not much time for couples to express emotions and feelings while escaping infected trying to eat you or pirates who want you dead. These two always seem to find the time to have “sexy time” but unluckily for them it was stopped due to a loud sound coming from the engine room.


Loud noises on boats are never a good sign; especially when avoiding other boats with a powerful 50 caliber machine gun who are looking for you. Travis investigates and checks the boats manual and seems to think it has to do with the water intake and thinks it’s blocked. Strand doesn’t care he just wants it to be fixed so they can keep moving and wants it done now. Madison protests it’s dark and unsafe and they should wait for light but Travis volunteers to do it.

Travis dives down to see what’s blocking the intake. It’s pitch black and very hard to see, items are floating all around as he makes his way to the raw water intake valve. As he gets there he sees a walker with his arm in the intake valve and it quickly turns and snaps its jaws at Travis. The walker scared Travis’ mask right off his face and Travis backed away and swam to the surface. He wasn’t prepared to find a walker; let alone one still kicking. If you were paying close attention you would have noticed the walker stuck in the intake valve was the same guy the was on the raft with Alex and Jake. Same t-shirt and also a red head, he must have tried to over power Alex and it didn’t work out in his favor.

Travis is in the engine room trying to fix the problem from inside the boat and finds tons of sludge that smells incredibly rancid and is backing up the pipes. Travis knows what he has to do and hopes it’ll work and strand just wants to know how long it’ll take. Travis tells Strand it may take all day and he doesn’t like that answer and says they don’t have all day and to get it done. Travis says he’s not the help and Strand notices he upset him and apologizes for upsetting him but to get to work. Strand knows how valuable Travis is and how good he is with his hands.

Daniel checks on his daughter¬† Ofelia and notices her wound is infected. She has ran out of antibiotics and she has a slight fever. She says she’ll be fine and that she’ll ask Madison for stronger medicine but he quickly tells her no. He doesn’t want anyone knowing or being paranoid about her infection. He wants to look out for her and not give any reason for the others to doubt their safety. He doesn’t feel that they are part of the group but that they should look out for themselves.

Alicia spots something promising and calls for Madison to check it out. She spotted luggage washed up on the shore close by them and thinks it’ll be good for them to check for supplies. Nick and Chris agree and eagerly volunteer to go search for stuff they could use but Madison is reluctant to let them and Alicia wants to as well. She’s tired of them treating them like children and to let them be apart of it to and to do something to help. Alicia tells Madison that they’ve done and seen enough and to stop putting them at the kids table. Nick says that they will go there while Travis is fixing the engine and go grab what they need and quickly come back. Daniel sees his opportunity to get medicine for Ofelia and volunteers to take them over and says if anything happens they’ll return quickly on the Kodiak. They finally agree to let them go and tell them items that they should look for and get.

Ofelia asks Alicia if she sees clothes to get something nice for her and Nick says “he got her” and Ofelia looks and Alicia and says, “Alicia I can’t do geriatric chic” and Nick asks what’s wrong with it making her laugh. I love that the writers added this little comedic moment since the fans always comment about Nicks clothing and how he wears “old man” clothing. I also get the sense that there’s flirtation going on between Nick and Ofelia and feels like Nick likes her and cares for her.

Madison adds that they should look for warm clothing including jackets and Daniel mentions it’ll be warmer in Mexico; hinting at what he just found out about Strand’s plans. Madison asks what does that mean and he motions for her to go with him so they can talk privately. He lets her know about Baja and that he found charts and maps showing where Strand is headed. Madison asks why he didn’t confront him but he thinks it’s better if Madison does because she’ll do it in a more diplomatic way and won’t end badly like it would with Daniel confronting him.

Alicia, Chris, Nick and Daniel take off on the Kodiak and head to the shore to search the luggage for supplies. They find pieces of the plane and bodies close by and Daniel directs them to quickly gather stuff and to keep in his eyesight.

Travis is ready for round two and dives back down to take out the walker blocking the intake. Madison anxiously waits for him to complete it and the longer it takes the more worried she becomes.

Chris is acting suspicious and when he sees his chance to move away from the others he takes it. He heads down the beach out of Daniel’s view.


Madison is waiting for Travis to swim back up and as she waits she uses the binoculars to check on the group scavenging the beach. She hears a noise from under the water and panics and watches the water turn red and bubble and she calls out for Travis. She thinks the worst but just then the walker floats to the surface and Travis appears shortly after unharmed.

Nick finds a hat and puts it on Alicia’s head and she hands him a pilots shirt and he puts it on. She says that after all this time he was never around and she never knew what he was doing or where he was but yet here he is. He replies that he was always there just hungry. You can tell Alicia missed having her older brother around to be there for her but is glad he’s there for her now.

It looks like Chris enjoyed killing his first walkers and wants more. He goes looking for more on his own and finds a piece of the plane wreckage he could use as a weapon and picks it up. He enters the plane and sees a walker trapped in its seat with its air mask on still. Chris becomes cocky and taps on the walkers mask and says “but you can’t bite me through that mask now can you.” He cracks it’s head twice and kills it and leans against the seat and looks over at the guy in the seat next to him. He has his eyes closed but quickly jerks awake and startles Chris and he asks Chris to help him.

Madison confronts Strand and ask him about Mexico. He doesn’t like being questioned or snooped on. He wants to know who’s been meddling in his business and assumes it’s Daniel. He tells her he saved Nick and she rebuttals by saying they saved him. He again says he welcomed them into his home and she says they got him there and then he says he let them on his boat. She demands to know if they are going to Mexico.

Strand tells her that in Baja California there is a little town called Rosarito and southeast of that town there are hills and there’s a house there. It has gardens, water filtration for the well, reinforced concrete walls and it’s the only safe place. Madison asks why he’s been lying and that if he was going to abandon them but he denies it. She demands that he take them with him and that he trusts them and so they can trust each other. Strand tells her that the most dangerous thing on the ocean is people, strangers, friends. She replies this is my family and he says exactly; your family. Madison doesn’t want to go back and forth anymore because they’ll just eat each other alive so they should go back to back instead and he agrees. As Madison is leaving she says, “And Victor; if you even look wrong at anyone in my family, I will throw you over board.” Strand laughs slightly and says that she’s not a killer. You know she’s serious when she’s the only one who calls him by his first name.

Back on the beach Daniel is searching luggage and finds prayer beads and tosses them aside as he looks for medicine for Ofelia. Nick comes over to him saying he found something for him that will bring out his eyes and Daniel doesn’t think¬† stealing from the dead should be joked about and that it’s bad luck. Nick notices pill bottles in Daniels hands and asks if that’s for Ofelia and he shakes his head yes. Nick explains that the stuff he has isn’t strong enough and is useless and that they need stronger stuff. Daniel realizes Chris isn’t in the area and starts calling for him and begins looking for him. Nick finds the prayer beads Daniel previously found and pockets them.

Chris decides he’s going to help the passenger trapped in the plane. He lifts the wreckage off of him and unbuckles his seat belt and tries to help him up but the man crumples in half and falls in agony to the floor. Chris realizes that his spine is broken and pierced right through his skin and clothing. The man begs Chris to help him and to give him mercy. You can see the Chris is struggling with it and isn’t sure if it’s the right thing to do but he does it. He swings and crushes his head and does it again and hesitates before the next swing and as he does the guy slowly rolls his eye in the direction of Chris and it freaks him out and he begins swinging more erratically. He finally finishes him off and he falls back and tries to gather his composure.

Daniel continues to look for Chris and Alicia becomes worried that Chris and Daniel have been gone awhile. She wants to go and look for them and Nick says he is right behind her as he finished reading the book he had in his hand; he gets up and notices a bag he didn’t check. He tells Alicia to wait and goes and checks it out but Alicia is impatient and continues walking to go look for Chris and Daniel. In the bag Nick searches he finds boxes of amoxicillin and that’s exactly what Ofelia needs for her infection. Jackpot!

Travis is working on the filtration system inside the engine room and Madison fills Travis in on what happened between her and Strand. She tells him about the fortified place in Baja and that it’s their best chance but Travis doesn’t believe it. He finds it weird that he just brought it up now and Madison tells him that they should trust Strand. Travis doesn’t feel they have a choice and that it isn’t about trust. He isn’t buying that he has this place all of a sudden but Madison wants him to agree with her and he mentions that she’s already made up her mind. Madison just wants them together on this and he says that they are together but he doesn’t know where they are going and he isn’t talking about a destination but about their relationship. You can see what he says makes Madison’s mind think about what he could really mean and it kind of devastates her.

Daniel thinks he sees Chris running towards him but it isn’t Chris but Alex from the place crash and raft. Daniel doesn’t know who she is and she tells him to run and that they are coming. Over the horizon you can see tons of walkers heading for them and Daniel pulls his gun out. He’s locked and loaded!

As Nick puts the antibiotics in his bag he hears a walker and follows the noise to see where it is. As he comes upon it he sees it trapped down below him in a hole. Half of its body under the sand and a whole bunch of small crabs are eating at him and he is also eating the crabs he can reach. As he goes to turn around his foot slips and some of the earth below his foot crumbles and brakes away causing him to fall and tumble down towards the walker. He rolls right into the walker and he struggles to fight him off and luckily he found a knife while searching the luggage and pulls it out of his pocket. He stabs the walker in the head and kills it and just as he lays there catching his breath another walker appears above him on the cliff and it falls down on top of them.

Alicia is looking for Chris and finds him and he’s still in shock from having to kill a living person. She sees the blood on him and asks if he’s OK and he tells her he is and that it isn’t his blood. She asks him if he killed one and he hesitates with answering her and before he could he’s interrupted by gun shots and they head in that direction.

Madison is alarmed when she hears the gun shots and Daniel is firing at approaching walkers. She looks in the binoculars and sees that they are in danger and yells to Strand that they need to get moving and tell Travis to get the boat moving and to hurry.

Alicia and Chris meet up with Daniel and Alex and Alicia asks where Nick is but Daniel doesn’t know. He tells them they have to get back to the boat but she’s not leaving without Nick and they begin getting surrounded by walkers. Daniel tells them all to grab something to help fight the walkers off and he starts firing at them again. The walkers swarm in from all directions and Daniel gets over run but Alex helps him and kills the walker on top of him. Travis finds what’s blocking the filtration system; the walkers hand and he pulls it out clearing it up. That’s what they needed to get the boat going and he tells Madison to tell Strand to go and that he fixed the problem.

Alicia, Daniel, Chris and Alex get backed into a corner and get completely surrounded by walkers and one starts to attack Alicia and tries biting her. Just in time her big brother Nick comes in and swings and hits it in the head and saves the day! Nick looks crazed and is covered in blood. His hair, face and upper torso covered in blood intentionally it looks like. The blood gives Nick camouflage from the walkers and he can move among them undetected. It provides him the shield he needs to help save his family and friends. Nick realizes what he’s capable of doing and tests it out and walks right up to a walker and goes face to face to it and stares it right in the eyes. It states back at Nick and Nick holds his ground and doesn’t back down. He snaps out of it when Alicia screams for him and they take off to the Kodiak to get out of there.

It appeared that Nick wasn’t even fazed by the walkers when he was among them and kept calm. In a way when Nick was on heroine he was in a “zombie like” trans and walked around dead like them. He’s very adaptable and can’t quite believe he was able to do that; he’s in disbelief.

When they all get to the Kodiak, Alicia exams Nick and asks if he’s OK or if he was bit and he answers he’s OK. She gives him a big hug and doesn’t want to let go but walkers start coming towards them and they get out of there in time. She was so scared of losing him again and she was relieved he was OK. As they push the Kodiak into the water, Alex mentions they need to make one quick stop before they go to the boat.

They pick up Jake in the raft and tow it behind the Kodiak and Madison asks Strand if he can see if they are safe and he tells her they are but there’s more of them coming back and he’s not pleased. Strand doesn’t want anything to do with the new people and doesn’t want them on his boat. Alicia demands they help them but Strand thinks they are an liability and it’s to dangerous for where they are going.

Madison let’s everyone know about the plan for Baja and that there’s a safe place there and they are going there now. It’s necessary now since it’s not safe on the water and its well protected. Travis agrees with Madison and explains to the others that they should to and it’s the best plan they have. Alicia asks what about Jake and Alex but Strand still won’t let them in the boat and Alex is shocked they are even debating about it.

Travis suggests that they can tow them to San Diego and that way they have a chance and don’t have to go on the boat and everyone is safe. Strand walks off and Travis tells Alex they’ll give them food and water. Alicia still doesn’t like that they can’t be on the boat and it’s wrong to treat them like this.

Strand seems very anxious about something. Ofelia is sitting on the deck and Nick goes over to her an she tells him he smells like death. Nick gives Ofelia the prayer beads.

The prayer beads are a cool connection between THE WALKING DEAD and FEAR, the link being Carol had the prayer beads for a while and now Ofelia having these prayer beads here…

“This is the worst. It’ll never hurt worse then right now and everyday will be a little better. This is the worst its gonna be.” Alex says out loud to Jake and to herself in a sense. Madison is watching over the raft and Strand quickly walks down to where the raft is tied to the boat and he cuts the rope, releasing the raft from then. Madison can’t believe he just did it and he walks away like nothing happened. Madison gives him dagger eyes as he walks away.

Will we see Alex and Jake again? I sure do hope so and Alex has her own set of skills and knowledge I’m sure she can survive.

Chris is finally realizing what his father did for his mom Liza was a big deal and how hard it really was for him to have to do. After Chris mercy killing the man in the plane he’s beginning to understand what his father sacrificed in order to do that. It shows Chris a different perspective and also gives him some sort of closure with his mom. He’s accepting what Travis did and knows it had to be done to save her from becoming a walker.

Strand will just about do anything to save himself and will we see how far he’s willing to go. Can he really be trust or is this all a lie as well.

Is this really the worst its gonna be? Or could it get even worse…