Exclusive Clip from Stoner Shocker EVIL BONG: HIGH-5



Stoner horror comedy flick EVIL BONG: HIGH-5 takes a tone in this clip.

Full Moon’s fifth entry in their venerable stoner horror comedy series EVIL BONG: HIGH-5 (read more about the demented Charles Band directed flick here) is ready to blow smoke up you rump and SHOCK has a look at an exclusive clip from the movie.

First, here’s the official synopsis:

Learning from her previous mistakes, EeBee, the “Evil Bong is back and she’s stoner, er, stronger than ever. With Larnell, Sarah Leigh, Rabbit, Velicity and a lobotomized Gingerdead Man trapped in her dastardly web of weed, The Bong World, for good, she once more sets about her plan of world domination. This time, one toke at a time. EeBee has outsmarted everybody who has outsmarted her. There’s no way out for our hesher heroes, so she teleports them to insane locations, where they enlist a bevy of baked soldiers (Ooga Booga, Killjoy and tons of surprises), to sell her magic ganja in a bid for guerilla weedfare. It’s up to our dopes to figure out Eebee’s new rules and stop her before humanity goes up in smoke. In the end, will our waster warriors celebrate with a HIGH-5? Or will they be down low and too slow? 

EVIL BONG: HIGH-5 hits Full Moon Streaming today.

Check out the clip below, in which the Bong’s greatest nemesis, The Gingerdead Man, takes a hit. Literally!