Contest: Win a Blu-ray of THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! Signed by Frank Henenlotter



Try your luck to win a signed copy of THAT’S SEXPLOITATION!

We gushed and spurted over Severin Films’ new Blu-ray release of Frank Henenlotter’s Something Weird Video-spurred sex film documentary THAT’S SEXPLOITATION here. Did you read that review? You should. Again…GO HERE.

Thank you.

The film features the legendary director (BASKET CASE, BRAIN DAMAGE) and Something Weird Video co-conspirator Henenlotter sitting down with exploitation czar David F. Friedman (BLOOD FEAST, SHE-FREAK) for a clip-riddled 2.5 hour free-fall into the fascinating and often screamingly funny and always absurd history of the international sexploitation film, right up until the advent of hardcore pornography.

Now, our good friends at Severin have smiled upon us and you, the SHOCK reader, by offering you the chance to win one of five SIGNED Blu-rays of THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! (RRP $24.95), scribbled on by Henenlotter himself!

So come (hehe) try your luck and enter (har!) to win one of these gorgeous signed units (snicker).

To enter (oh, just stop) just email with the words FREE SEX! in the subject line.

Good luck and, if you don’t win, be sure to pick up your own copy of THAT’S SEXPLOTATION! when it streets on April 26th.