TV Recap: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, Season 2, Episode 2, ‘ We All Fall Down’



This week’s episode got a whole lot darker. Surrender or survival, acceptance or denial is the name of the game.

The episode opens up on waves crashing onto a beach bringing in floaters; a different name for a different kind of walker. The walkers use the tide and current of the water to wash up on shore making them even more threatening and an unstoppable force. Two carefree children appear on the beach and begin to play and ignore their surroundings; so it appears. As the walkers creep up upon the kids; it feels like these walkers are going to have a snack, but the walkers hit a fence and it quickly shows the kids were actually never in danger. The kids bring over artwork to place in front of the walkers at the fence and they are unfazed by their presence.

Back on the Abigail (their yacht) Strand is keeping his eyes on the the sonar and monitors and Madison is scolding Nick for risking his life and swimming over to the other boat. She was worried for his safety and Travis’s as well but Nick tells her he heard something and wanted to help. He asks his mom if they are still trying to help people (they did leave a raft of people behind) and Madison assures him yes but people they can see. Travis interrupts their bickering to explain that he found something in the log book Nick found and it’s not good.

They take the Log book up to show Strand what they found; the new information that’s been brought to light. San Diego is dead, it’s gone; burned. The military burned it down in efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Strand isn’t believing it but everyone else is. He is more worried about what’s following them and what took down that other boat. He knows the other vessel is following them and he believes it’s Alicia radio crush and makes a remark about not talking to strangers. Strand wants to hide and stick to the coast so they can loose them. Strand sees a cove nearby where they can hide but Travis sees a wildlife refuge and ranger station and suggests to go there instead. He explains their will be a radio and supplies and it’ll be more beneficial for them to go there and hide out. Strand agrees with the others and they head to Catrina Island.

Travis let’s Chris know their plan and seems optimistic that it’ll work out but he is reluctant towards his dad. As they make their way to the island one of the houses lights flash on quickly and then again, alerting our group to that location. As they dock, Strand tells the group that he’ll stay on the boat and watch to see if the other bigger vessels passes them by. Daniel, suspicious of him volunteers him and Ofelia to keep him company, not trusting him at all and still wants to keep a close eye on him.

Travis, Madison, Alicia, Chris and Nick go investigate the house that shined their lights. Travis calls out insuring the people in the house that they are to be trusted and just want information. He tells them they aren’t threats or sick but just needs help. A young boy appears out of the house, the boy from the beginning of the episode and we quickly learn his name is Harry. His dad yells for him to get back inside and apologizes and explains that they haven’t seen anyone (alive) in awhile. He tells them the light was an accident but Madison doesn’t believe it and Travis quickly breaks the tension by introducing himself to the strangers. We learn Travis’s last name is Manawa and the father of this family is named George. Travis mentions that the sea isn’t as safe as it appears and George says what makes you think this place is safe. Travis explains they just need to get their bearings and they’ll be on their way; there’s nothing to fear from us.

George offers Travis a beer and mentions he can have any book he wants in his library. George tells Travis that the military used napalm up and down the coast and that he’s been checking in with other ranger stations and it’s happened in every city; as far as he can tell. He names the cities he knows for sure; Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and San Diego all burned. They shut down the boarder both ways and the interior is no better then the coast. Last time George talked to the ranger in Joshua tree he said the petrified Forrest was gone. California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado all went dark, all gone. Half the country has gone dark and Travis’s optimism is dwindling.

Madison is helping George’s wife in the kitchen and she seems to be grilling Madison about what she did and if she enjoyed it. She mentions she used to be a MSW (youth social worker) and that she enjoyed it and did it before she met George. She asks Madison if she liked taking care of other peoples kids  and Madison explained that she tried her best and gave it her all even when she thought she couldn’t. She asks if she taught other ages besides high school and Madison mentions she never got the chance. Madison says she liked when her kids were little and preferred it. Melissa’s oldest son comes into the kitchen suspicious of Madison and concerned about his mom. He seems very distant, uninviting and the vibes feel very strange.


Back on the Abigail; Daniel and Ofelia have a discussion about what’s going to be happening. She asks her dad if they’ll be staying here and he answers that he’s unsure but are uninvited and have to be asked to first. She’s hostile towards her father ever since learning the real truth about his past and who he really is. She’s starting to understand this world better and that it’s a good thing because it makes her understand her father more. “It’s cruel.” Ofelia is finally seeing her father for who he really is and differently then she ever has before.

Nick and Alicia are watching over the younger children and Harry is teaching nick how to play his game.     The young girl is singing ring around the rosy and asks Alicia what posies are. She explains they are a flower and the little girl asks why do you put them in your pockets. Alicia explains that a long time ago In Europe there was a virus that made a lot of people sick and that they didn’t have the same medicine they do now so they used flowers to make them healthy. The girl asks if it worked and Alicia tells her it didn’t. At this moment I think Alicia is realizing the similarities between the plague and what’s going on currently and it scares her.

Harry asks Nick to go see their room and Nick agrees to it and invites Chris to go with them but Chris declines. Nick mentions it’s good to be around people, knowing Chris is having a hard time with everything. Nick goes up to their room and loves it and is really good with Harry. He seems to have a soft nurturing side when it comes to kids and brings out a totally different side to him. Nick asks Harry about his action figures and Harry explains they are named after people he knew, including his uncle Kyle. The figures have red dots on their foreheads and Nick asks what happened to them. “It’s what has to happen now when people get sick.” Nick is shocked that such a young kid knows so much already and he tells Harry that it’ll never happen to him. Harry mentions he knows because he has power pills, they are like a vitamin and if he takes it, his family stays together. At this time Nick realizes there’s more going on under the surface then what appears and he feels something troubling but continues talking to Harry about his action figures.

Daniel is keeping his eye on Strand and Strand is anxious and asks what’s taking them so long. Daniel asks if there’s somewhere he has to go and Strand mentions he doesn’t like sitting around on a 10 million dollar boat as target practice and Daniel questions Strand on his choice of wording since he said a boat instead of saying his boat. Strand assures him it is his boat and not to worry and Daniel asks who he plans on leaving behind since there isn’t enough supplies for the amount of people on board. Strand claims that everything will work out since they have water and says him (Daniel)since he is one hell of a fisherman and he has faith in him. There’s heavy tension between the two men and Daniel has no trust for Strand and feels he’s up to something and has a hidden agenda.

George is explaining to Travis that what’s happening now is a course correction. George believes what’s happening is Mother Natures way of fixing what people have ruined. Nature always wins. George mentions Travis’s people are aware of this already and Travis asks what he means by that. George mentions that Travis is Mallory and Travis is surprised he guessed correctly. George mentions he’s an amateur anthropologist and finds his culture interesting. He thinks the way they honor their dead and  bury their dead on the same sacred land is beautiful and agrees with it. He tells him that’s why he raised his family out here and that’s why they won’t leave. Travis asks if they can dock there for the night and he says yes and that he’s lucky. Travis asks why and he tells him that they were unsure of who may come off the boat and glad they are friends and not bad people.

Travis fills Madison in on what George told him. He explains that they never go to the mainland and that’s probably why Melissa was asking so many questions. Madison feels that she turned the light on, on purpose and isn’t buying that it was an accident. She thinks she’s wants off the island and is to afraid to say anything to her husband.

Nick and Alicia are awake and can’t sleep. Nick mentions the most underrated perk of the apocalypse is no planes, no noise pollution, no smog; just stars. Alicia adds that stopped the climate crisis. She asks why he’s up and he asks her the same. She claims to have drank to much wine and her mind is racing and Nick mentions that he’s thinking about the kids. He’s worried for them and what they’ve seen and how their lives will be going forward. Their lives will never be normal like it was for them growing up. He doesn’t think it’s fair and Alicia says at least they are prepared. Nick doesn’t think it’s the end of times, the rapture and feels something is off here. “Everything is off, everywhere” Alicia answers.

Chris is alone checking out the ranger facilities. He spots Seth heading somewhere and he follows after him. He asks what he’s up to and Seth explains that he has chores to do and Chris wants to help. He asks what they are doing and Seth answers “maintenance” and the both of them head down to the fence we seen earlier where the younger kids were playing. Seth explains they have to clear the walkers a couple times a day so they don’t break down the fence. He tells Chris that they are coming from the mainland and that it’s a  tidal anomaly. He mentions gunfire brings more and it’s better to work quietly. He asks Chris if he wants to give it a try.


Travis is looking for Chris and asks Nick if he’s seen him around and Nick offers his help to him but he says he can mange by himself. Nick jokes and says that he could help cause he knows at risk youth because he is a at risk youth.

Seth is teaching Chris the ropes and Chris seems to be enjoying it. Seth tells him always aim for their head or base of the skull and that his dad taught him this and that they’ve been preparing for this forever. Chris asks if they can climb fences but Seth hasn’t seen that yet and mentions they are pretty clumsy. They are a self reliant family that live off the land and Chris seems to be taking a liking to killing walkers; enjoying it a little much perhaps. This could be his way of getting out his anger and rage from his mothers death and becoming useful to the group by knowing the stuff Seth taught him. Travis sees Seth and Chris down by the fence and witnesses Chris killing walkers with the pick axe. Seth tells Travis that Chris is a natural and Travis looks concerned. Chris wants to be of use and takes out the last walker making Travis look away. Travis doesn’t understand what Chris is going through and wants to help but doesn’t know how.

Travis tells George that he has a problem down by his fence line by the water but George is aware. He tells him that they wash up from time to time but Seth manages it. He explains how it’s important that they do that and that they go out and clear the bodies once a week to keep it from building up. Travis still can’t wrap his head around the new world, the way things have to be now. He’s still trying to live in the past and explains that Chris used to mow the lawn and do normal things. That he shouldn’t have to kill these monsters or have to be faced with this. George tells him this is how we manage now this is how it has to be. The new way of life, how to survive and to do it for as long as they can. You can tell that this family is way more prepared and experienced and already handling themselves like they should be. It just shows how far behind Travis and his family are and how unaware of what’s really going on. Being on the yacht has sheltered them in a way where they didn’t see as many walkers or what is the best way to kill them. They really have no idea and it’s showing.

George asks Travis to take a ride with him because he wants to show him something. George is continuing to build and expand his fences; securing them and ensuring his perimeter is safe and protected. Travis asks if it’s safe and George answers it is. He tells Travis that weekend visitors got trapped on the island and thinks there’s on a couple hundred of them left on the island. He says the few that wash up are manageable but if they get a scent of them it could be big trouble. It shows that George is aware that walkers are attracted to scent as well not just sound. Travis asks why he would stay here then and he says why not, we are all going to die it’s a question of surrender or survival, acceptance or denial. He knows the truth, he knows what’s out there and is hunkering down and preparing for the possible worst case scenarios. But Travis sees it like he’s giving up but that’s not what he’s doing; he’s building a defense with what he has. There’s no right or wrong way of looking at it anymore.

Alicia is roaming around the ranger camp and is escaping by listening to her music. She draws the symbol her boyfriend drew on her arm and leaves her mark behind on the bulletin board. Nick is on the hunt, looking for drugs once again. As a Junkie he knows where to look and what to look for and he spots a hidden globe hiding spot. Inside he sees pills in a baggy and looks at them strangely. Willa, the young girl interrupts Nicks search and he quickly puts the pills back in the globe and puts the globe back where it was. She asks him to draw with her and he goes with her. Could those be the power pills Harry mentioned to Nick before.

Daniel is starting to annoy Strand because of how he’s always watching him and being around him all the time. The sonar detects that the other vessel is finally gone and they can now sail with the tide.

Madison helps Melissa in the garden and they both talk about how they both didn’t sleep. Melissa asks if they got the information they needed and Madison says they did and they know what to avoid now. Madison asks Melissa if the light was an accident and that she must have been signalling them. She admits that she did signal them and wanted her kids to have a chance, a hope for the future. Melissa doesn’t think the island is safe and that they are just biding their time till it’s over. Madison invites her to go with them but Melissa explains she’s not well and has MS (multiple sclerosis) and that it’s a weight they don’t need or her children need. She explains George isn’t going to leave he thinks it’s better to die with family then to die with strangers and her son Seth is the same way. Madison realizes that Melissa has been wanting her to just take her youngest kids; Harry and Willa.

Madison fills Travis in on the new information she learned from Melissa and tells him that they need to help them. She tells Travis that they are biding time till it all goes bad and he answers who’s to say we aren’t doing the same thing. He doesn’t want to take the mans kids just because Melissa says to but Madison asks for him to do it cause she’s asking and that he’s not taking the kids but saving them. Travis is conflicted and Madison doesn’t want to leave people behind. Travis wants to talk to George first before he decides.

Daniel is snooping around and looking for clues or for anything that can help him see what Strand is up to. He finds a hidden safe under one of the seats and picks the lock. Daniel layers keep unraveling showing how many useful skills he really has and how much experience he adds to the group. His time of being a solider and a interrogator/torturer has really made him very useful and knowledgeable. Inside the safe is a machine gun and a bunch of maps; Daniel picks up one of the maps and it shows Baja California and Mexico and a posted note says “MEX Navy” and coordinates. On another map and on a posted note it says naval station.

Strand is off somewhere alone and is on the phone with a mysterious person. “It’s me. Yes it’s all clear now. What’s the latest you can push it? Sundown. I’ll be there. I’ll be there.” He’s up to something and his plan is in motion. He doesn’t seem happy about what’s about to happen at sundown.

Nick has a bad feeling about George and thinks he’s “Jonestown-ing” his whole family. (Jonestown happened on  November 18, 1978, in what became known as the “Jonestown Massacre,” more than 900 members of an American cult called the Peoples Temple died in a mass suicide-murder under the direction of their leader Jim Jones. He made his followers drink poison laced punch) He explains to Travis and Madison that he found the pills in his office and he knows his pharmaceuticals and those aren’t recreational and they aren’t “pill heads” he’s convinced they are poison.

Madison and Travis decide its best to take the kids with them on the boat because they worry for their safety. Madison promises Melissa that she will keep them safe. George walks in on them getting ready to take the kids and he’s upset and doesn’t want to give their kids to them.

Harry walks down the stairs and tells Melissa that something is wrong with Willa and George and her rush upstairs. Willa is laying on the floor and Melissa rushes over to her to check her and George sees the pills and globe on the table. Nick asks Harry what happened and he tells nick that she took her pill and Madison, Travis and Nick rush upstairs. George goes to get Melissa away from Willa but she yells at him and holds Willa tighter. Willa opens her eyes slowly revealing the pale blue walker eyes, she’s turned but Melissa won’t let go. Madison walks into the room and says she can’t be holding her and George replies she knows but it’s already to late. Willa lunges into her mothers throat and rips out a chunk of flesh and starts gnawing on her mothers face. George demands they leave and take Harry with them now and that he’s not going with them and that he’s staying. George sits on the floor and Travis takes off.

Daniel is getting the boat ready to leave and is undocking the yacht. Madison and the others run down the dock in a panic and get on the boat. Harry is freaking out and doesn’t want to be there with them and wants his family.  They go inside and Strand is furious about the kid. He tells her put him back where he belongs and kids are the definition of dead weight. She stands her ground with him and tells him he’s staying but just as she tells him to get the boat moving, Seth shows up and fires a warning shot into the air telling them to stop. He’s there to get his brother and bring him back home. Travis explains its what his dad wanted but Seth refuses to believe it and Madison invites Seth to go with them as well but he doesn’t want to. Daniel aims his gun at him and Seth demands that they just let them go and that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but he will if he has to. Seth gets Harry to go over to him and he looks at Madison and says that she caused this.

In a way if Madison and them never went there and talked to them, they would still be alive. If Willa didn’t see where Nick found the pills she wouldn’t have found them herself. So in a way they did cause what happened but George did already have the pills and had that as a plan. So was it inevitable?


As Seth and Harry get off the boat the group sees a walker approaching from the dock. They see that it’s Melissa, Seth and Harry’s mother and she has already turned. Ofelia asks her dad, Daniel to do something but he tells her that the kid has a rifle and he can handle it. Daniel is hiding the fact that it’s bothering him and he can’t look at what’s about to happen. Seth tells his brother to wave to the nice people so he doesn’t see him having to shoot his mom. It’s kind of homage to “look at the flowers” what Carol did for Lizzie when she had to put her down in the episode the grove in the walking dead. Which is a homage to “of mice and men” George and Lennie.

As Abigail sails away, our group watches in horror, having to see Seth put down his own mother and Alicia begs Chris not to look but he does anyway. You can see the guilt on Travis and Madison’s faces. Everyone feels horrible about what just happened especially Daniel, maybe he has a soft side after all.

After this weeks episode we know that the western portion of the country is infected and has been burned. We know the land and sea are just as dangerous and no where really is safe; danger lurks everywhere. Not everything appears what it seems. This virus hit hard and spread quickly. The other boat is still out there and looking for them. Strand is talking to a mysterious person, who could it be? Next weeks episode looks like an intense thrill ride! If you watched the mini series Flight 462; you’ll be seeing a familiar face enter into the main show and hopefully become a series regular.

Tune in next week to find out!