RANKED: The 7 Scariest Extraterrestrials in John Carpenter Movies



RANKED: The 7 Scariest Extraterrestrials in John Carpenter Movies

There’s been a welcomed re-appreciation of John Carpenter‘s filmography over the last few years, in no small part due to the magnificent reissues Scream Factory has put out of such classics as The Fog, They Live, Prince of Darkness and the Halloween movies. Now Scream Factory has done it again with their new collector’s edition of 1995’s Village of the Damned, which includes a wealth of bonus features, including several new documentaries and a pristine transfer. They all make a great case for the remake to be appraised anew as a worthy entry in the master’s back catalogue, not merely a B-side. 

Another thing Village of the Damned does is highlight that, rather than being simply a master of horror (which he certainly is), Carpenter is also a worthy science fiction director. Just as many of his movies could be categorized as sci-fi as can be labeled terror flicks, and the proof can be found simply looking at how many extraterrestrials populate his films, including his Village remake.

We went through seven of his features and found seven not-so-adorable E.T.’s and ranked them in order of the terror they inflict on our psyche. These are some baaaaaadass aliens you do NOT want to mess with… even the beach ball. Check out all 7 of the Scariest Extraterrestrials in John Carpenter Movies in the gallery below!

Also be sure to pre-order your copy of Scream Factory’s Village of the Damned before it drops on April 12!