Anchor Bay Canada Alumni Susan Curran and Rob Herholz Form New Distro Company


Veteran Canadian genre film distributors form United Front Entertainment.

One of the solid spines of the horror and dark fantasy entertainment scene in Canada has been the Northern wing of Anchor Bay Enteratinment/Starz Media, overseen chiefly by execs Susan Curran and Rob Herholz. Under their watch, the company not only echoed the endless genre release patterns locked by their US counterpoints, but boldly acquired acres of great, esoteric, classic and contemporary Canadian horror and genre films for distribution. Not only that, but virtually every fright film related event of note was supported by ABE. One would always look forward to seeing Curran’s warm, enthusiastic self working the crowds, talking to fans and just having fun with her “people”.
Which is why many of us were devastated to learn that Anchor Bay had opted to close their Canadian offices last month and with that closure, we knew we’d be losing a major part of the fabric of the weird entertainment world us creepy Canucks were privy to.
That misery was short-lived, however as Herholz and Curran have just announced that they have taken their minds, hearts and ample non-organic resources to form United Front Entertainment (UFE), a new film distribution and development company in which the dynamic duo have teamed with Lightbox Pictures Executive Producers Wilson DaSilva and Jessica Martins to “streamline the production and distribution processes with existing incentives in the Canadian film industry to effectively deliver successful content.”

“We look forward to supporting our domestic and international filmmakers and sales agents. There is a need for a new well-funded and innovative distribution company, and UFE will fill the current void in the Canadian distribution landscape,” said Rob Herholz, Founding Partner and CEO, United Front Entertainment.
“The possibilities are endless,” continued Susan Curran, Founding Partner and President of Marketing and Development, United Front Entertainment. “I couldn’t be more pleased to move ahead with our amazing team to acquire, promote and deliver world-class content.”
UFE will develop, create and acquire content to distribute across all Canadian media platforms and retail sectors. The emphasis is working with producers and strategic partners to acquire and sell commercially viable films.
The UFE philosophy is to capitalize on all available rights in the Canadian and international distribution markets. The emphasis is working with producers and strategic partners to acquire and sell commercially viable films to audiences across all platforms, including retail and broadcast leaders such as Rogers and Bell Media, Walmart, Best Buy, HMV, Amazon, Entertainment One, iTunes and Netflix.  
Vivia International indie filmmaking and long live United Front Entertainment!