That Time Kenner Almost Made a Kids Game Based on The Car


The_Car_movie_posterThose who know me well are aware of my fascination and love for The Car, the 1977 film which is basically “Jaws on land” but instead of a shark you get a big black, blocky car driven by the Devil himself. Elliot Silverstein directed the film and The Amityville Horror‘s James Brolin was the leading man, a cop who has to protect the residents of his small town from The Car’s reign of terror.

I think it’s a pretty stellar flick and my heart is hurting right now to know the following is something “that could have been.”

Kids who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s (that would be me) saw a lot of strange stuff hit the toy shelves (the Jaws and Alligator games come to mind). A game based on The Car would have been doozy. Kenner, at one time, was going to make it (as evident in this ad below) before it canceled those plans.

The idea behind it: You place The Car at the top of a ramp. Players take their turn by spinning a wheel and selecting objects to place at the bottom of the ramp. The weight of these objects will set off a trigger holding The Car, and, the player who sets off the trigger is, in essence, the victim. But everyone gets a thrill at watching The Car speed down the ramp and crashing through the items – park benches, signs, etc. (no humans!) – below.

Look at those f**king kids in the ad. Clearly, they got to experience the joy of this game whereas I did not. Little jerks.

Thanks to Bob Freelander and Mike Williamson for bringing this very important of business to my attention!

the car game