Sneak Peek Clip from the Horror-Comedy Sledge


SledgeHere’s a clip from the recent VOD release Sledge, a horror-comedy that will be hitting DVD on October 7th. A spoof of the horror genre, and littered with nods and references to fright flicks of yesteryear, the film fixes on a psychopath who not only believes he’s in a movie and video game but that he’s the hero of this story.

“Sledge is a horror comedy that takes a loving poke to the horror classics we all grew up with,” says writer and co-director Kristian Hanson. “Adam Lynch is an original slasher who loves to talk and make jokes as he viciously mutilates the dumb campers who always return to a site of mass murders for no apparent reason.”

Sledge is also co-directed by John B Sovie II and it stars Dustin Bowman, Stephanie Tupper, Rachel Cornell and Hanson as Adam Lynch.