Tremors 5 Sees Return of Series Regular


tremors-1990-graboid-2Moviehole usually has a firm finger on the pulse of all things direct-to-DVD. They scored some good intel when Curse of Chucky came along, I recall, so they’ve obviously got their connections, which is why I don’t see any reason not to run with their latest scoop on that Tremors reboot we reported on earlier.

If you recall, that report stated Don Michael Paul was going to be helming a new film for Universal’s home video division. Not too many details were revealed other than that it would lens in South Africa.

Moviehole says the title on the front of the script reads Tremors 5 and Michael Gross will be reprising his role as survivalist Burt Gummer.

Gummer was always a fan favorite, and a staple of the series, so I can see why he’s back.

So, it sounds like this is more of a “reboot” in story only. It’s staying canon, just freshening the series up with some new and old cast members and a new scenario. Stay tuned for more as it comes in.