Comic-Con: Guillermo del Toro Asks Hall H – Hellboy 3 or At the Mountains of Madness?


file_174733_0_hellboyDuring today’s Legendary panel in Hall H at Comic-Con today, there were no fan questions allowed when Guillermo del Toro took the stage. So, he turned the tables and asked the jam-packed Hall two questions. He merely asked for a response by way of applause and cheers.

Hellboy 3?” he asked, followed by, “At the Mountains of Madness.”

“THEY’RE LISTENING,” he added.

Guess what drew the largest response? Hellboy 3.

That’s not to say At the Mountains of Madness didn’t draw a response. The audience was just more vocal.

Thomas Tull came out on stage to respond with, “When you’re done with Pacific Rim 2, we’ll talk.”