Comic-Con: We’ve Got a Small Darkside Update from Joe Hill


Darkside Joe HillJoe Hill can’t say much about Darkside, his retooling of the ’80s anthology horror television series, but he can continue to hint at the direction he’s taking with the show.

Shock spoke to the writer of Locke & Key and Horns at Comic-Con to get an update and he said things are moving along nicely. Previous reports have said that Hill will be overseeing a stable of contributing writers and will creatively guide the show.

Darkside is a loose reboot of Tales from the Darkside, it does tell stories about different characters. It also tells an ongoing story,” Hill said. “I love the original Tales from the DarksideThe Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, but I think in a post-X-Files world there’s really no room for a straight anthology show. There has to be a little more. I like stories that work like puzzle boxes, where every episode is turning another facet. We have something a little like that in Darkside, that I’m pretty excited about where you’re watching it and every episode is a different story but three or four episodes in, you’re going, ‘Wait a minute, these parts actually all go together don’t they?’ I think that’s kind of exciting and I think the viewers will like that, too.”

Tales from the Darkside began in the early ’80s and was started by George Romero and Laurel Entertainment.  It concluded in 1988 and paved the way for a feature film, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, in 1990.  With an opening narrated by Paul Sparer, each episode ran 30 minutes in length and told various tales of the macabre.

The CW is the one developing Darkside. We’ll keep you posted as more details come in.