Scream Factory Announces 10 New Titles At SDCC 2014!


I praise Scream Factory a lot but they have earned it. They give love to the best films in the genre, and though “BEST” is subjective, we should all agree that the titles they choose are ones that we can find something to look back fondly upon. Never missing an opportunity to liven up an event, the Scream Factory team gave us 10 new reasons to celebrate San Diego Comic Con.

With the evening in full swing, 10 new must own titles have been added to their up coming slate.

Scream Factory SDCC

  • The Dark Half
  • Monkey Shines
  • Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
  • Scarecrows
  • Tobe Hooper’s Invaders From Mars
  • New Year’s Evil
  • Robert Englund’s Phantom of the Opera
  • Dolls
  • Mad Max
  • Escape From New York

There are no details yet. of course, but you better believe that us here at Shock can’t wait for more. Stay tuned for details.

Source: Twitter