Rob Zombie Reveals Concept Art from Next Film 31


rob-zombie-31What do we know about Rob Zombie’s next horror film 31? Very little other than the title and the fact that it takes place on Halloween. But, today, the writer-director presented fans with a tantalizing tease: A look at some conceptual art by Alex Horley.

The fellas you see here ride a bitchin’ van and seem to wear costumes inspired by the Italian comic book from the ’60s called “Killing” (or “Kilink”). But what are these dudes up to? What’s their place in the film?

I suspect Zombie will be taking advantage of the San Diego Comic-Con season to unleash some more goodies like this so stay tuned.

As for keeping hush-hush about the project, Zombie stated in a previous interview:

“All I can tell you is that it’s a completely original idea, it’s something new. It’s not based on anything. I’ll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, I’ll start shooting it. For right now, I’m going to keep the details secret. But it’s not based on anything.”


Rob Zombie's 31