Viking Vampires Teaser is Heavy Metal and Amusing


Viking VampiresChrister Larsen unveiled a minute-long (or so) teaser for Viking Vampires, the project we first introduced you to last fall. The promo takes a tongue-in-cheek approach and introduces us – in dramatic slow motion accompanied by the grind of heavy metal on the soundtrack – to a group of viking vampires about to storm a town until they encounter some American tourists.

Kjersti Rasmussen and Kjersti Steinsbø penned the script for the film and I’m getting some Dead Snow-esque vibes from the approach to the concept.

In the reality show “Valhalla”, the participants live and compete like Vikings in the beautiful fjords of Norway. The Viking village is built on historic ground where the Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth once ruled and was later buried. Little do they know that the old king is a Viking Vampire who has waited for over a 1,000 years to be set free. When the reality participants plunder his grave at night, they break the seal in silver that kept Eirik Bloodtooth trapped in his grave, and release the most dangerous Viking King in Norwegian history. Soon the participants will discover that “reality” sucks.

Thanks to Twitch for the heads-up!