Guillermo Del Toro May Get At the Mountains of Madness Made in PG-13


file_176907_0_guillermo-frankensteinIn an interview with Guillermo del Toro at the Wall Street Journal, the filmmaker is calling Legendary Pictures "home." And he's hoping the long-mooted At the Mountains of Madness feature film, based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft, will get made there.

He told the outlet…

I said to them, that’s the movie that I would really love to do one day, and it’s still expensive, it’s still … I think that now, with the way I’ve seen PG-13 become more and more flexible, I think I could do it PG-13 now, so I’m going to explore it with [Legendary], to be as horrifying as I can, but to not be quite as graphic. There’s basically one or two scenes in the book that people don’t remember that are pretty graphic. Namely, for example, the human autopsy that the aliens do, which is a very shocking moment. But I think I can find ways of doing it. We’ll see. It’s certainly a possibility in the future. Legendary was very close to doing it at one point, so I know they love the screenplay. So, we’ll see. Hopefully it’ll happen. It’s certainly one of the movies I would love to do.

PG-13 or R…if it gets the movie made without heavily compromising Del Toro's vision, I'm interested in seeing it. 

If you recall At the Mountains of Madness has had a bit of a rough go at getting made, even with Tom Cruise attached to star. Universal was going to make the film, but pulled out based on reported budgetary concerns. Now, I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet about all of this. It sounds like Del Toro will be making Pacific Rim 2 before moving forward on the Lovecraft story.

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