Happy 4th of July from Riley & Charlie from the ‘Land of the Dead’


fireworks cinespia"Flowers in the graveyard. I don't get it, Riley, why do you call them that?" – Charlie (Robert Joy), Land of the Dead

On this 4th of July, we want to wish all of you a safe and fun holiday weekend. How do you plan on spending this break? Let us know which horror flicks you're dipping into.

Me? I began with Return of the Living Dead, but finding myself looking forward to revisiting Land of the Dead. Caught this clip – which informs us Romero's zombies in his "Dead" universe are mesmerized by fireworks – online and it has me thinking about the film and how it doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves. This weekend, the New Beverly is screening Burnt Offerings in 35mm, so, looking forward to that, too!

Shock has dropped a lot of unique content over the last month – check out our editorials page – or sift through our news pages to check it all out. That should keep you satisfied until I jump back on the clock this weekend!