Nightbreed Television Series Scribe Offers Update


nightbreed-movie-posterA little over two years ago, Clive Barker revealed plans for a television series based on his feature film Nightbreed. At the time, he said, "We are also actively in conversation about doing a Nightbreed television series which will be for cable, so it will have a chance to be as sexy or as graphic in terms of the violence as we need it to be."

This has certainly been a week of good news for fans of the film – with Scream Factory unveiling Blu-ray plans for a director's cut – so Empire sought out more details on the proposed show to see where things were at.

The magazine spoke with Morgan Creek's Michael Plumides who will serve as an executive producer on the show (if it takes off) and has written four episodes.

He told Empire:

We're staying true to the source material but also modernising the concepts to appeal to this millennium's viewer. We think the fans will be very pleased. By incorporating great writing, character development, and mind-blowing practical and visual effects with a product that has achieved legendary cult status, we see a winner, especially in the absence of shows like True Blood, Fringe or even Sons of Anarchy. Barker's vision is an amalgam of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror with violent, sexual overtones laced with dark comedy, and the Nightbreed series fires on all cylinders.

He then added:

In writing the scripts I made every effort to stay true to Barker's vision for the purists without deviating wholly from the source material – even consulting not just Clive and Mark but Barker experts and aficionados; people that live and breath Barker's work. Also, I will say, it feels American, but the British accent shines through. We hope to partner with a network that understands and appreciates the "monsters of Midian" as we do, but also recognizes the viability of the Nightbreed property.

What do you think? Is the world ready for a Nightbreed TV show?