Herschell Gordon Lewis Begins Work on Bloodmania Soon


BloodmaniaLegendary splatter maestro Herschell Gordon Lewis is presenting and co-writing/directing the new horror anthology film Bloodmania. Production begins next month in Canada.

All four segements featured in the film will feature Lewis brand of splatter, we're told. He penned one segment and will direct two of them.

“It’s time to get some fresh blood flowing into the happy universe of horror films,” Herschell said. “I’ll be there to be sure it happens, and I can promise that we’ll have enough bloody messes and enough off-the-wall humor to satisfy everyone … even including me.”

Bloodmania, Herschell promises, carries the slasher genre to a new height. “First of all,” he says in a press release, “we've brought young directors into the slasher arena and given them tools and effects that just didn't exist when we originated the category. Bloodmania has four dynamic episodes. I’m directing two of them. The other two are…well, critics will have a difficult time choosing which of those episodes is the most effective, because we’re opening wide the gates of effects nobody has seen before.”

The film is being spearheaded by Diabolique Films. Keep an eye on the film's Facebook page for regular updates.