Outlast Will Now Terrify You On Xbox One


OutlasterIf you want something truly scary that will make you dread getting up late at night for a glass of water, then you need to play Outlast.

The game by Red Barrels is so unnerving that there are certain sections I actually only play in the daytime and few things scare me. Outlast has been available for sometime on Steam and on PS4, but now, Xbox One console games can join in  on the hair raising fun.

You can download it for just $19.99 and the DLC, Whistleblower for just $8.99. I can't recommend this game enough, especially with a head set in the dark. Just make sure all the doors are locked while you are playing. Having someone burst in on you while you're in one of the many intense scenes could result in one less Shock reader and we don't want that.