Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear TV Spot Surfaces


Chilling Visions 5 States of Fear?Chiller follows up its Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear with the horror anthology Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear on July 11th. Today, the channel debuted its first promo, which you can view here.

5 States of Fear will comprise shorts inspired by five basic human fears, with each short set in a specific location across five different U.S. states. 

The five short films are:

  • Ego Death ("Sandy") Written & Directed by Brett Simmons Produced By, Brett Simmons, Andrew Ducote, Kellen Moore for Brett Simmons Productions
  • Separation ("The Trouble With Dad") Directed by Glenn McQuaid Written by Glenn McQuaid & Clay McLeod Chapman Produced By, Larry Fessenden, Jennifer Wexler for Glass Eye Pix
  • Mutilation ("Tick Warning") Written & Directed by John Poliquin Produced By Dan De Filippo, Dave Marken for Pipeline Entertainment
  • Extinction ("Ghost Daughter") Written & Directed by Zao Wang Produced By Zao Wang, Andrew K. Li for Chilling Coastline, LLC
  • Loss of Autonomy ("The Caregiver") Written & Directed by Graham Reznick Produced By Larry Fessenden, Jennifer Wexler for Glass Eye Pix