Ghostbusters at 30: Check Out This FX Artist Gathering Gallery With On-Set Pics!



Ghostbusters celebrates its 30th anniversary this weekend. I've been thinking about angles in which to tackle this birthday, but the incessant chatter about this film on the web and through social media channels showed me most of the angles that interest me have exhaustively been covered.

I mean, I could tell you I was 7 when the first film debuted during the summer of '84. They didn't make action figures or other toys based on Ghostbusters at the time, so I had to improvise and turn a baseball bat, some string and a backpack into my "ghostbusting" gear and then fight with friends over who would play the wise-cracking Peter Venkman. Or I could tell you that I was the go-to counselor who knew how to draw the Ghostbusters logo with my eyes closed for the kids I shepherded at day camp.

I was, and remain, a huge fan of the first film (Ghostbusters II I'm still a little sore about and don't get me ranting about the non-stop rumor mill that is Ghostbusters III).

Anyway, here's I'll celebrate the film's birthday… A few pals of mine were tagged in a series of photos on Facebook and it appears the FX team behind Ghostbusters had a mini-reunion. This gathering was captured in a photo gallery which you can find right here that not only has pics from the events but a ton of great behind-the-scenes stills from the production, like the one you see here.

Click right here for the full gallery and enjoy!

And while you're at it, sift through our own photo gallery from G88's Ghostbusters art show below!