What is Rob Zombie’s 31? We Don’t Know But Here’s a Teaser…


rob-zombie-31The cinematic ouevre of Rob Zombie is reflected upon in a teaser for a new directorial effort called 31. What do we know? Well, the title. Also, it's going to be "hardcore." The video – which debuted at the rocker-director's official site – asks you to sign up for the Rob Zombie newsletter to stay up-to-date.

The final image of the promo gives us a creepy clown visage. That doesn't say much. What does 31 refer to?

The number of days in the month of October? Halloween takes place on October 31st. Grotesque clown visage + 31 = Halloween night to me. Maybe not necessarily a Halloween film, per se, but a film set around that time?

Specultate away. I'm curious to hear what you think.

Zombie was teaming up with Bret Easton Ellis for a Charles Manson project. Wonder where that has gone…