Editorial: Can We Talk About What You Expect from Halloween 3?


HALLOWEEN3Renewed buzz for Halloween 3 lit up across the Internet like a string of pumpkin lights last week. And although headlines regarding the long-mooted threequel have simmered down a little – making me think that perhaps all of those rumblings last week were a bit premature – the fan chatter across comments boards and social media has reached a deafening pitch as Myers disciples duke it out about what Halloween 3 (Or 3D? Are we still thinking it'll be 3D?) should be.

There are those who eagerly await the return of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode from Rob Zombie's storyline. Meanwhile, other fans want to see a new narrative thread begin, keeping Michael (of course), but ditching Zombie's films and reimagined famous final girl – essentially, you're asking for a reboot, folks (not a remake but a reboot). I haven't read any requests for a direct sequel to Halloween: Resurrection, but I'm sure there are a few sickos out there hoping for that.

All of this debate about the right and wrong way to approach Halloween 3 comes seemingly without the slightest bit of irony that we're talking about a series that took a major detour, steered back on course (if that's what you can consider it), introduced a cult, veered off course again to align itself with the first two films, then gave us one of the worst slasher films of all time, then introduced a remake which subsequently propelled audiences into bizarro sequel territory with white horses 'n shit (which I actually don't mind, nor does one of our contributors).

When it comes to the Halloween series, I lay no expectations on the table because it seems "anything goes." Prequel? Sequel? Remake? Follow-up to Halloween III: Season of the Witch? Who knows?! I'm actually more fascinated by the Halloween fandom at this point than the films and the franchise's future. I should note that it also appears that whatever approach the producers take, there will be no happiness felt throughout the land when their approach is revealed since there are so many varied – and strongly expressed – expectations out there.

But I ask you, Shock readers: What do you expect?