Farrands Comments On Friday the 13th TV Series, Explains Focus


friday-the-13th-the-final-chapterIn the wake of yesterday's announcement that a new television series based on the Friday the 13th franchise was in development, I guess fans had feared a "time traveling Jason" or something?  I guess it came from Deadline's description which said there would be a "storyline that re-imagines Jason in multiple time periods." That doesn't necessarily scream "time traveling Jason" to me, but it sent some folks into a tizzy.

Still, Daniel Farrands – who's involved in the series – set out to clarify what Deadline's description meant. He told the Friday the 13th The Film Franchise webite:

"We will be exploring the origins of the Voorhees family, namely Pamela and Jason Voorhees, but doing so in flashbacks to past events that will be running concurrently with present day storylines. There is absolutely no time traveling of any kind."

Now, here's the thing, the website has pulled the article this quote appears in since this morning. Not sure why. Maybe Farrands said too much?

For the initial series announcement, click here.