Good News: You’re Watching Hannibal & Ratings Are Going Up


hannibal-madsThe good news? Ratings for Hannibal are going up. The bad news? We still haven't heard about a third season. Still, let's focus on the positive, shall we?

NBC released its numbers for the latest episode of Hannibal over the weekend. The show pulled in 2.9 million viewers overall and is currently up +29% week to week and up +30% in total viewers. This is obviously fantastic news because the show is finding a growing audience, but what will secure its future is that season 3 green light we're still waiting for from NBC.

Look for the new episode of "What the Flick?" – the recap show I participate in. We'll be discussing last Friday's episode of Hannibal.

In this week's ninth episode: The BAU team look into the case of a truck driver's body that appears to have been torn apart by two different animal species. Will meets Hannibal's strange new patient after one of his sessions. Determined to find Will's true self, Hannibal devises a test but the results surprise him.