Shock Till You Drop Co-Hosts L.A. Screening of Critters 2 With Special Guests!


Shock Till You Drop, once again, is teaming up with Friday Night Frights at Cinefamily in Los Angeles for another awesome screening. This one is taking place on April 25th at 11:59pm. The flick? Only one of my favorite sequels: Critters 2! And yes, we tried to time this one as close to Easter as possible.

We've pulled in director Mick Garris and the Chiodo Bros. for a Q&A. You can get your tickets for this event VIA THIS LINK now.

Written by David Twohy (Riddick) and Garris, this 1988 entry takes on a rare Easter backdrop and finds the eponymous furballs with teeth tearing up a small town. The movie is a ton of fun.

(I had every intention in partaking in the Q&A work with the Friday Night Frights gents, however, I will be at the Stanley Film Festival. So, go enjoy it for me!)