Let’s Reflect On Kiefer Sutherland’s Mirrors With the Ultimate Mirrors Cut


file_4345_0_mirrors-reviewThere's a movie about a haunted mirror opening in theaters this weekend (you may have heard of Oculus, at this point), so it feels apropos to reflect (har-har, pun totally intended) on that puzzling haunted mirrors film we got back in 2008 called, well, Mirrors. I've never seen this video, so pardon me if this isn't anything new to you, however, Jason Zinoman (author of "Shock Value") shared this on his Twitter feed this morning and it cracked me up.

It's essentially a supercut of Kiefer Sutherland going mad and his every utterance of the word "mirror." It just goes to show how silly and ridiculous this film – directed by Alexandre Aja (not one of his finer moments) – truly is.

"These mirrors are dangerous! Just let me cover these damn mirrors!"