SXSW Interview: Leigh Whannell on Insidious Chapter 3


insidious3articleHaving already been involved with two successful horror franchise with Saw and Insidious writer/actor Leigh Whannell was at this year's SXSW Film Festival with his latest movie, The Mule, a Melbourne, Australia-based true crime story he co-wrote and stars in with another local, director Angus Sampson. had a chance to sit down with the duo and after talking to them about the film–a video interview you can watch over there sometime in the next couple of days–they got around to asking Leigh about progress on Insidious Chapter 3, which Jason Blum told Shock has a finished script ready to shoot in the summer.

"It's been fun actually," Whannell said. "It felt like writing the first film, because I was dealing with a different family and a different group of people really, so I felt that it's very simple. I think the first film is a very simple film–a haunting happened to this family–and the second one was a bit more complicated to plot out, so this one, it's good to go back to the original way."

Since James Wan probably won't be directing the third movie, we were curious whether we'd see some of the craziness that they brought to the first two movies which set it apart from other "haunted house" movies. Whannell responded, "I think so. I think once we've established that world, you have to have a little bit of that stuff in there. I think the way to be scary is to never stray so far that people can't relate to it so hopefully, it's still grounded and relatable, but there will be some crazy stuff in there."

And on whether or not he sees "Insidious" becoming a franchise that can go on as long as "Saw," hopefully without getting stale: "I don't know, maybe. I think it is a big enough world to accommodate a lot of different stories. I always found with 'Die Hard,' that it was like, 'You're saying he's gone to another place that's been hijacked?' It would be hard to repeat that, but with something like 'Insidious' you've got this sort of world, and I think you can feed a lot of different stories into that world, so maybe."

Finally, we asked whether Whannell's character Specs will be more of a central character in this one, to which he joked, "Well it is called 'Insidious 3: The Rise of Specs.'"

You can watch and hear a lot more from Whannell on his new movie The Mule over on sometime in the next couple days.