Absentia, Oculus Helmer Talks Upcoming Film Diver – Flatliners Meets Inception


file_175987_0_oculus-picRecently, news broke that Mike Flanagan, the director of Absentia and the April 11th release, Oculus (pictured), would direct a film called Diver for Intrepid Pictures.

Steeped in the world of New Orleans, the film centers on a top secret team who enter the minds of the recently deceased to experience their memories. Naturally, this is an efficient process to solve murders, which is what this team does. Alas, they ultimately unleash a supernatural force in the process.

We spoke to Flanagan about the project who described the film as purely "fun."

"It's, by a mile, the darkest thing I've gotten to do," he said. "It's a bigger movie than the others. It's got this wonderful location and a story that's intrinsic to the old magic of New Orleans. But it's also got this visceral feeling. I liked to compare it to Flatliners and Inception. It's got some remarkable action set pieces and gritty, dark thrillers. The underlying stuff, I don't want to spoil, is going to be super cool. This is going to be the most darkest and most fun project I've done."

Then he added, "It's going to make horror fans really happy. Those who liked Inception or Angel Heart, too."

Flanagan is currently in post-production on Somnia. Stay tuned for his thoughts on that film and more!