So, I Did a Commentary for The Crazies With Mike Mendez…


The CraziesOur pals at FEARnet are slowly rolling out their film library onto their website with fan commentaries attached.  I was called in recently to do two commentaries: One for Dario Argento's Opera and one for George Romero's The Crazies.

Mike Mendez, the director of The Gravedancers and Big Ass Spider! (and who has been a longtime friend of mine), was paired with me and together we sat down with some snacks and booze to discuss the films.

The Crazies commentary happened to hit first.  It was the second film in our viewing experience (we saw both films back to back) and you can either watch it here or over at FEARnet!  (And apologies for sounding like crap…I got hit with an allergy attack just before going into the recording studio. Good times!)