Contracted Director Lines Up Next Film, Conjuring Producer Eyes Exorcist Project


Contracted director Eric England has two new projects in the works.  According to Deadline, he'll helm Hellbent "about a woman who joins a rescue crew to look for her husband after a mining accident and instead discovers a demonic presence. "  He's also in development on The Sirens "in which a group of deep-sea fishermen encounter four mysterious young women and get hooked into a ritual sacrifice."

England also previously helmed Roadside – which has recently been picked up by a distributor, we're hearing – and Madison County.

Meanwhile, a new exorcist story may be coming to the screen courtesy of Tony DeRosa-Grund, one of the producers of The Conjuring.  Variety says he, along with Evergreen Entertainment,  picked up the story rights to Father Maginot, a priest who performed an exorcism on a mother and her three kids.

Variety says, "the story made headlines after police, the fire department, Child Protective Services and hospital personnel in Gary, Indiana attested to witnessing the demonic possession."