Paris, I’ll Kill You Anthology is Now Fear Paris, New Details


parisSo, back in 2012, we reported a couple of times about a horror anthology called Paris, I'll Kill You.  Bjorn Stein, Mans Marlind, the late David R. Ellis, Xavier Gens, Joe Dante, Christian Alvart, Christopher Smith, Paco Plaza, Timo Vuorensola, Eron Sheean, Moritz Mohr and Jorn Heitmann were all attached to direct a segment.

Mohr had already helmed his chapter at the time, a tale called "Dawn of the Mimes" (pictured).

But it appears the film has taken on a transformation.  It is now called Fear Paris and only Dante, Gens and Vuorsensola remain as directors. Two more are presently being sought (so I guess "Dawn of the Mimes" is out?).

Paranormal Activity's Steven Schneider is also on board to produce.  The concept remains the same, however: The film will tell a series of dark, macabre tales set in Paris.

Below you'll find a teaser which keeps up the mime vibe, so who the hell knows what Mohr's participation is in all of this.

[Source: Deadline]