Vin Diesel: Universal Wants Another Riddick Film


file_174367_0_riddick_2_20120320_1802615325Riddick proved to be a positive experience and success for Universal.  The film grossed nearly a $100 million worldwide (on a reported $38 million budget), but apparently it's cleaning up nicely on VOD/DVD/Blu-ray.  Vin Diesel, star of the series, took to Facebook to do a little happy dance (to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse") about this and leave a message for his fans.

In this video, he recounts the problems the third film in the David Twohy-directed series faced to get made – from raising funds to fighting for an R-rating.  In spite of that entry's struggle, it came out on top and Diesel says he received a call from Universal to congratulate him on the film's success.

"It's a win for all of us," he told fans.  Then he added, "Of course, Universal's also saying they want to develop the next one."

Now, it's still a bit early to offer any more information on a fourth Riddick adventure, but I'm certain writer-director Twohy has something in mind story-wise – especially since Riddick concluded with Diesel's eponymous character setting out on a particular mission.

We'll keep you posted as things develop!