Fan-Made Resident Evil 2 HD Is On Its Way


REmake2?Recently fans got together and gave us Resident Evil: Outbreak once again.  

The question was would that spur Capcom into doing it officially?  Time will tell.  Interestingly enough though, there is another fan edition on the way, and it’s so much more important.

Invader Games has taken up the fight and is currently making Resident Evil 2 in HD.  This is, hands down, the most-requested redo for Capcom, but they haven’t budged.  Perhaps they feel that redoing such a classic would throw them in the opposite direction of where they want to go. Who knows?

Either way, the team at Invader Games has a lot planned including the complete game and a Mercenaries mini game.  Not only that but they have also promised classic fixed camera angles and over the shoulder a la Resident Evil 4!  Hopefully there won’t be too much resistance from Capcom.

You can help support the project by liking them on Facebook.

The video below is a work in progress but you can certainly bask in the glory of its detailed goodness. Enjoy…