State of Decay Creators Sign Multi-year Agreement with Microsoft


State of DecayThose of you hoping for State of Decay to arrive on Playstation eventually will have to let it go.  Undead Labs, the creators of State of Decay have just committed to Microsoft for a multi-year, multi-title deal.  There is a lot of excitement, though they aren’t elaborating on that just yet.

"We'll be able to share details later this year, but as with State of Decay, we think it's best if we just keep our heads down and build some prototypes before we talk too much," Undead Labs wrote. "It's been a long haul from the original vision to this point, and the road ahead of us will take years to travel. We hope you're up for the trip, because we can't do it without you."

This announcement comes on the heels of a major patch just released for SOD. For those who may have had issues, here is a breakdown of the fixes:

  • Fixed several instances of community members standing idle.
  • Players will no longer see an event called “CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT.”  This was a developer-only fate card that didn’t get removed before going live.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Chemical Incendiary research at Snyder’s.  Players may now satisfy the prerequisites with the built-in workshop (and not with other workshops).
  • Synced stealth kills vs. walls and low walls now properly credit the Ninja challenge.
  • Inventory stockpiles are now limited to 120 instead of 60.
  • We no longer zero-out meds and snacks on the next day and instead just subtract the home population.
  • Fix for some story missions not progressing (those not getting the Watchtower mission at the Grange.  

Now go kill some zombies.