Jeepers Creepers Helmer Returns With Dark House in March


Dark HouseThe film formerly known as Haunted (a titled taken many times over) has been renamed to Dark House (not to be confused with another film of the same name from a few years back) and it's coming to DVD and Blu-ray from New Video Group on March 11th.

Dark House is the latest endeavor from director Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers) and the film finds him united with star Tobin Bell (of the Saw series).

It is the story of Nick Di Santo, who is tormented by his ability to touch someone and see exactly how they will die.  On his 23rd birthday Nick is summoned by his mother (Leslie-Anne Down) to the asylum where she has been institutionalized since his childhood. Hoping that her request to see him is a sign of improvement, Nick is stunned by her revelation that the father he thought was dead is really alive. He is alive and may know the origin of Nick’s terrible gift. Nick sets out to find his father with his best friend Ryan (Anthony Rey Perez) and girlfriend Eve (Alex McKenna).

The trio are soon frightened and alarmed as every road they take on the journey leads them back to the same abandoned mansion – a house that only existed in Nick’s childhood imagination or so he thought. A house in a town that no map connects. Finally succumbing to the will of the house, Nick becomes embroiled in a battle with a dark figure (Bell). What started as a simple road trip soon turns into a terror-filled journey, full of horrifying twists and brutal surprise.